Coach Rick,
This class was exciting and helpful. I will be able to use it at work and at home, actually, I have already begun using various segments on my staff with positive results.
I have been at DFW Airport for 24 years and this has been the most relevant class I have attended. I would highly recommend this for EVERY DFW employee.                                                                             

Jeff Coward

DFW Airport

"Our team had gone through a lot of turnover at the leadership level. We had to work to rebuild trust and develop an improved culture! Rick came in and immediately recommended using the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team as a starting point.

I can honestly say that what he accomplished in two days was nothing short of a miracle. We knew that we wanted him to return the following year – which he did this past July. There are some things that are hard to articulate – like intuition, like being able to just understand the issues quickly with very little direction, like just being the perfect person with the right energy and right message.
He has been critical to the success and rebuilding of our team and I am forever grateful. No matter what challenges you or your team face – he is an awesome partner to rebuild and resolve.
I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone! He’s the consummate professional and just get’s it!"

- Sharon Yarborough,

Senior VP, Allegacy Benefit Solutions

Executive Coaching

I am writing you to let you know how formative your leadership training was to the person, professional, and leader that our team member has become.  During and after your workshop with her, there was a distinct transformation in confidence, communication, and leadership that had not been there prior.  I can definitively point to your work and process as the catalyst for transforming a really good professional into a top-tiered team leader that has the drive and confidence to tackle any situation.   

Recently she was awarded Raba Kistner’s Value Coin for Quality. 

The Core Value coins are closely held by our Corporate Leadership and only awarded to individuals that far exceed, live out and model the Company’s core values, in this case for their, quality.  

Thank you for teaching her and others how to be so much more than they ever thought they could be.  We are working on sending you other candidates in 2023.  

Charles "Dude" Hall

Director, Environmental Compliance Services 

Raba Kistner


Coach Rick and his company Peak Performance Development has been fundamental in the explosive growth that my company has experienced over the past year.  He has a no-nonsense way of getting to the heart of the issues and helping the client work through them.  I am forever grateful for his expertise in his field.  Most importantly, money has been well spent. 

Judy Gaman

Executive Medicine of Texas

Peak Performance provides a strong developmental and educational workshop that can be built to fill the dynamic needs of many organizations. His program can be structured to fit your organization size and need state. I have used them for One on One executive coaching, Team Leadership training, and Organizational assessments." 

Bob Lowe
VP Trade Operations and Customer Service
Nestle Waters NA

When I first met Coach Rick three years ago I felt like I was a good manager but was also not as strong a leader as I could be. The ELA program and specifically Rick opened my eyes to not only where I was lacking but helped me build on my strengths. Rick is a very charismatic, genuine, knowledgeable person and wants to truly help everyone reach their potential. If you are a aspiring leader no matter your age Rick Kolster can help you. I would highly recommend him, ELA, and Peak Performance to anyone.

Jay Baker

Operations Manager at Custom Crete 


Coach Rick,
I wanted to thank you for the time that you shared with us today.  I appreciate your talents and sincere desire to see people grow and make a difference in their personal and professional lives.  I truly believe there is no greater calling than to make a difference in others' lives, of course, as an educator, I believe that teachers and especially teacher-coaches are the most powerful force in America today when it comes to having the "potential" to change this country for the better.  Change on a large scale always must begin with individuals, and that is precisely who you work with.  I respect the fact that you come from a spiritual point of reference; to do less is to short change our real purpose for existence as individuals or as contributors to an organization, in this case, Carroll ISD.  Thank you, Rick, for your dedication to your life's calling, your devotion to God, and the passion that inspires others to greatness.  I am proud to learn from you.

Be blessed!
Lowell H. Strike, Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

Carroll Independent School District

Leadership Programs

Rick, I am truly blessed to have met you!  The coaching process you shared with me has dramatically impacted me!  The concepts we discussed are now a daily part of my thought process.  I look at life through a whole new prism of optimism and focus as opposed to worry and chaos.  I strongly recommend coaching to anyone who has a deep desire for success in all aspects of life!

Thank you for showing me the true value of setting “SMARTWAY" goals and for teaching me how to lay out an action plan for my life.  So many people do not understand the difference between a dream and a goal.  I was one of them!  I clearly see the distinction now!  What a difference “one degree” can make!

Enzo Marchese
Fine Properties

Peak Performance and Coach Rick delivered what they promised. The Leadership Pipeline program enhanced the DFW Airport leadership. The evaluations from the participants were outstanding and many stated that it changed the way they led their teams”

DFW Airport

Coach Rick has been a very positive source of energy in my firm for the last 5 years with great team building techniques and tools. Always with a smile on his face and positive attitude, we travel in the same business circles and he is admired and revered for his genuine caring and warm approachable personality! 

Roxann Taylor,

Engle & Volkers Real Estate

What people are saying about Peak Performance, Our programs, and Our Coaches

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Our trade association (TACA) hired Rick to develop and launch our Emerging Leaders program in January 2016. To date, this has been one of our most successful strategic decisions regarding the future of our industry. Rick had both the vision and the ground level curriculum to help us develop the future leaders of our industry. As we enter into the 3rd year of the program, we are getting numerous inquiries from other trade associations about the how and why we have been so successful. The short answer is: Rick Kolster. Years from now when we look back and someone asks how we were able to have such strong leadership within our industry, we will be able to look back to our decision to bring Rick into the organization.

Dr. Richard S Szecey, PhD, PE

President TACA

Dear Rick
  I just wanted to thank you for all the great work you did with our strategic planning committee during our retreat last month.  Your facilitation was engaging and high energy.  It kept a room of over 40 fully engaged and focused on the task at hand. Helping us redefine our vision, strategy and direction will be critical to the success of the CCIM Institute in the coming years.
  We now have the specific directions and actions to move forward with our growth plans.  The committee is energized and getting our membership excited about the future direction and growth of our association.  Your help in facilitating the discussions and outcomes was a huge part of a successful meeting.  We have been doing these annually for longer than I can remember.  This was by far one of the best meetings our committee has had in a long time. We now have a specific set of objective and goals to work towards and this will help the CCIM Institute continue to grow and move to the next level.  I am going to recommend that you come back next year for the 2017-2019 strategic planning meeting when we do a complete review and possible rewrite of our plan.
  Thank you again for your hard work, guidance, and patience with this group of mostly “A” type professionals.  You were able to keep us on track and I got the results I was hoping for. 

Best regards
Steven W Moreria, CCIM
SWM Properties and Investments
Past President, CCIM