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and Sales Development Coaching

Working in a group environment we provide a proven development program that focuses on helping your people use the talents they have more effectively and efficiently. Our process addresses the real reasons people fail to perform to their potential.

Are you looking for a program that will transform your people and organization? Is it time to get more from your team? 

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Peak Performance

Emerging Leaders Academy™


The Peak Performance Emerging Leaders Academy™  program is built for you and your emerging leaders. In recent years, business has taken on many new and complex dimensions. Instant global communications, innovation, and increasingly available technology have created profound changes. Customer demands and worker values are constantly evolving and changing. There is an increasing effort to increase productivity, lower operating costs, improve quality, and provide outstanding service.      

      Success in today’s competitive environment requires that owners and managers must be prepared to maximize the human potential inherent in their organization. The development of human resources is the key to greater growth and profits for the organization

      Implementing a Leadership Academy program and building a culture of strong leadership are core to long-term success in every business.  Experience indicates it is a way of increasing productivity, improving morale, reducing turnover and improving overall results.  Peak Performance has developed a program that we customize for your specific needs using proven training and leadership development methods. Are you looking to become a great organization?  If so, the goal is to be sure that what you do is transformational, that it makes a difference in the long-term success of your organization. 

            At the Peak Performance Group, we believe that people are your most valuable resource. Our goal is to help you develop leaders and better utilize assets by creating and facilitating the processes that help you to turn goals into reality. Our core competency is helping clients achieve quantum jumps in productivity, performance, and growth while avoiding many of the common pitfalls. ​

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Sales Development Coaching

The Field of sales has experienced some dramatic and major changes over recent years. Today's buyers are better educated, more informed and have more choices than ever.  Are your salespeople prepared or are stuck in sales teaching from 25 years ago?  The Peak Performance coaches are all seasoned and top producing sales professionals. We offer a comprehensive concise process that will help your team become skilled, successful sales professionals that produce. 

Your competitive advantage is a sales organization that knows what needs to be done, is focused on doing the right things, in the right way, for the right reason. Our sales process will cover all facets of the sale process including:


Uncovering needs

Clarifying objectives

Relationship selling for long-term success

Getting commitment

Increasing market share

Communication skills

Territory management

Is your sales team ready to make a breakthrough?  Let our Peak Performance coaches help get your team setting records and building profit.

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Executive Coaching

is one on one coaching
for the leader who is looking for MORE!

The ideal coaching client is focused on developing himself or herself to their highest potential and has already taken several steps to do just that. Now he or she wants to take life to the next level to achieve even more success. 

Executives, CEO's and anyone who wants to achieve a balance and fulfilled life are benefiting from the guidance and accountability of an executive coach. More and more leaders are realizing the benefits of coaching and experiencing accelerated success in every area of their life.

There are a million reasons to hire a coach. But there is one that is universally urgent – the harsh reality of the talent-based economy. Top performers in every field from sports to business know that the fastest way to leverage your talents and maximize your value is to hire a coach. Get in the game, hire a coach now.

Coaching is for those looking to discover who they really are,

and gain self-confidence to achieve their goals.

Coaching helps you discover what you really want from life,

and gets you focused so you can achieve it!

Coaching is a professional service providing you with feedback, insights,

and guidance from an outside vantage point. 

Coaching is an ongoing collaborative partnership built on taking action.

In this powerful alliance, you will find yourself:

* Doing more than you would on your own
* Taking yourself more seriously
* Creating momentum and consistency
* Taking more effective and focused actions
* Become more balanced and fulfilled

You will work on your core values and purpose.

When your values are clear, your goals become a lot clearer.

I work with clients to clear up the stuff that's distracting/draining them.
These are called tolerations, unfinished business, and diversions. Sometimes, it's difficult for you to see what you really want when your life lens' is dirty, cracked, or cloudy.

My responsibility is to get you working/focused on something that you ARE clear on.
Sometimes, all you need is momentum in order to get the perspective to know what you really want.

It is that simple...  Now that you know why you should use coaching, how coaching works, and what coaching can do for you, Take action to start your step towards improved performance and be reaching your Peak Potential.

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Organizational Development Programs &

Executive Coaching 

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"Peak Performance provides a strong developmental and educational workshop that can be built to fill the dynamic needs of many organizations. His program can be structured to fit your organization size and need state. I have used his services for One on One executive coaching, Team Leadership training and Organizational assessments." 

Bob Lowe

VP Trade Operations and Customer Service

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