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Working to help you build and grow your business. We look at your business from a three-stage perspective.

  1. Strategy (Vision and Planning)
  2. Design (Tools and Processes)
  3. Culture (People and Team Effectiveness)

Our Business Acceleration System (BAS) begins with your most important asset, the people in your organization. We help you to assess the existing talent assuring that the right people are in the right spots and that all critical positions are filled.  We will assess the talent and implement a coaching process to shore up the appropriate and necessary skills of each employee.

Second, we work on implementing the right processes and building a long term strategy.  This may include developing a vision, values, and a mission for the organization.  It will also include market research, competitive analysis, along with marketing and sales strategic objectives for the future. We will then work on the execution of the plan by your team.  We monitor and guide the clients and team members to implement the strategic action items.  Our style is to take one or two items at a time to implement.  The “One bite at a time” approach. 

Third, we will be looking at the lifeblood of any business, the sales efforts and measure the financial health of the organization and make recommendations for the future. This will include sales growth guidance and cash flow projections and targets.

"The Peak Performance team did a great job of facilitating our leadership team retreat. We ended the day with great energy, a renewed sense of purpose, and a common understanding of our next steps."  

Doug Lawson, Ph.D. CEO of CHI Texas Division


         Coach Rick has been a very positive source of energy in my firm for the last 5 years with great team building techniques and tools. Always with a smile on his face and positive attitude we travel in the same business circles and he is admired and revered for his genuine caring and warm approachable personality!

Roxann Taylor, Engle & Volkers Real Estate

Is your team working together or are they fighting each other to get deals done?  Has your organization become one of sale prevention rather than sales achievement?

Our proven BE-REAL teambuilding program gets your team working and communicating together rather against each other.process.

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We offer teambuilding and assessments for:

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